Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Dream Destination

 The Florida Keys
                     By:  Kolby

    Have you ever had a dream when you are walking on soft smooth sand along the ocean?  Well, it doesn't have to be a dream any more jump on your favorite airplane and head on down to the amazing resorts of the Florida Keys. You can do so much while you are in the Keys, such as enjoy the amazing weather and getting a tan while lying in the warm sun during the the winter. How awesome would that be? You can also enjoy the beautiful coral reef and enjoy the the amazing seafood.
    The sun is up and the wind is lightly blowing on this early morning and there is so much to see. You can go and see the amazing forms of coral and maybe even look at some colorful sea animals while snorkeling or scuba diving.  There are many places along the coast of the Florida Keys that you can take on this adventure.
    Deciding what to do first while in the Florida Keys may be a hard thing to do. You can go out in the warm water and go scuba diving. This is where you can see different colored fish and corral. You can also go and relax on the soft white sand or maybe even go fishing for a large swordfish. You will never find your self just sitting around when you are there, there so many things to do.
    While doing so many activities during the day you may get very hungry.  As your belly make noises you need to decide where you are going to eat while in the Florida Keys.  There are many places and types of foods to choose from. Oysters are one of the most common meal.  They put different seasonings on them and have different types of oysters. If you do not like oysters you can try some of there shrimp. There are a lot of different ways to cook fish with their seasoned breading. There are so many different choices so you won’t go home hungry. Wait, the only dessert you must try before leaving is key lime pie and is the most famous dessert in the Florida Keys. They are made from there own grown limes which makes them taste extra delicious.
    Visiting the Florida Keys will offer you so many things to do while on a vacation.  Remember to visit the wonderful food places after your long day out on the water or laying in the sun. I hope you can go to the Florida Keys and get out of town to take a nice vacation to the Florida Keys and relax.


Book- Florida: By: Lynn M. Stone
Encyclopedia: World Book online Florida Keys by: Peter, Muller

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