Friday, April 17, 2015

Inspiration Essay

    My inspiration
                                                             By: Kolby

    Is there that person in your life inspires you? Well I now do and it is my dad, or also know to many people around school as Mr. Dean. He is the band director at the O’Neill School. He also runs a lot if you don’t see him in the house he is probably outside doing something to keep him active and going. I would like to tell you about the sports he has participated in during his school years, what his child hood memories were and why he wanted to become a teacher.
    My dad play many sports like most of us kids do now a days. He also was very successful in most of his sports he played. He played a lot of tennis while in his high school years. He got more into it when he was in high school along with cross country which he was very successful. When he was in Clinton, Iowa he was a JV runner and they went to state. Then his family had to move to Colorado and he  became a member of the high school tennis team.  He went to state his Jr and Sr in tennis. He never won state but he was all conference.
    He had many childhood memories his younger years. He grew up with a good pet when he lived in Clinton, Iowa. He moved from Clinton Iowa which is right by the Mississippi river to a town twenty miles North of Denver called Broomfield.  This is where his parents live today still.
    Finally, my dad wanted to become a teacher when he was in high school but didn’t know for sure what area to teach.  He thought about being a math teacher at one time. Then he decided that he wanted to do something different every day and this is how he decided to be a band teacher.  He is now he a band teacher for grades 5-12 and likes doing what he teaches and he is also my band teacher.
    So now that I told you all about my inspiration maybe you should sit down and think about who inspires you. You can also sit down and talk to them. I would also inspire you to ask them questions about there childhood and and maybe even learn more about your inspiration.

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