Friday, December 12, 2014

List Poem

Cool Aid
Western Meadowlark
Good Life
Small Country Towns

Concrete Poem

persona poem

I wake up when my alarm goes off
I get tired very quickly so I have to sit down and rest
I don't like it when people are all was pounding on me
And when they toss me around

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nebraska Poem


The howl of the calls
The creeps of the different birds in the morning
The grunt of a monster buck
The sight of my rifle in my had
Ready to shoot
While watching the beautiful sunrise
On a cool brisk morning
While sitting in my stand

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Found Poem

An elephant in a room
Cannot change the cards we are dealt
In a lovely house in Virginia
Remembering the bricked walls
With teamwork and sportsman's ship
You will find the promise land
Decide if you are a Tigger or an Eayore
Never give up
Don't complain just work harder

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rhyming Poem


As the morning sun starts to rise,
I wake, for today I will get my prize
My fishing pole, in my hand
I will set a cast off of the edge of the land.
As I stare across the water
I wounder if I have to wait much longer
I know the bait is the best
As I try to get a fish from its rest
There is a huge tug and then a pull
As I can tell my stomach will be real full

Extended Metaphor

                                                  Life is a Friendship

It is rough and you never now what is going to happen
You have your ups and downs
It can be exciting and sweep you from your feet under you
Colorful and you have an bright future
Exciting because you never now what is coming your way

Five Sences

It is the warm feeling of a warm open hart and the beating sun shining down on us.
It smells warm and fresh like freshly cut grass and fresh spring water
Looks bright and warm
There are sounds of birds chirping in the brisk summer morning