Sunday, November 30, 2014

Name Poem

It means number 2.
It is like bright and colorful.
It is all of the activity we do.
It is the memory of Gregory Putnam.
Who taught me honesty and hard work.
When he works on the farm.
My name is Kolby.
It means to stay strong in the hardest times of life.

Acrostic Poem

One the beach
Under the open ski
Time with family
Diving into river
On- going trails
Oars and canoes
Riding bikes
Sunny hot days

Monday, November 24, 2014

Blindsight Motivator

English 7
Period 2
    Teamwork is important to me because I am on a lot of teams in the summer and during the school year. Teamwork was in the movie Blindsight when the kids that where blind and they where hiking up to the peak of the mountain blinded. The kids had to cheer each anther on so they can make it up. In my life team work is important to me because I am on a lot of different teams with different people on a lot of my teams that I play for. It is important to cheer on your anther team mates to make them feel better about there self and work harder on what they need help on. That is how teamwork is involved in my life and was in the movie Blindsight.

Friday, November 14, 2014

American Freedom


                      American Freedom

    Every day you stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance because you are free and showing respect to those who have served and who are serving. We thank those people for keeping us free and have the rights that we do and keeping us safe. Freedom is important because of the people who are serving for our country and risking there lives, the flag, and the phrase “freedom is not free”
    There men and women serving for our country, and some will be killed because they are brave while fighting for our freedom. There are soldiers across seas risking their lives and the people that already have served in the major wars a long time ago. The people now that we are praying for to stay safe over fighting ISIS and those who are going to die truing to  keep people safe. The people over in Afghanistan and Iraq risk their lives too and we pray for the men and women to stay safe.
    The flag is a huge way of saying we are free and you need to show respect to it, this  shows that we are Americans. The 50 stars that are on flag represents the 50 states that we have in the United Staes of America. That is why we say the pledge and sing the Star Spangle Banner and we put our hand over our hearts to say thanks to many of the people who had to risk there lives and those who are now risking their lives. We want to say thanks to those serving.
    “Freedom is not Free” that is one of the quotes that we say today even though we are free. There are still people over in Afghanistan and Iraq and even people fighting ISIS and that is why we say “Freedom is not Free” which is why we still also have rules and laws. In Washington DC there is a big monument that says it on one side of the wall. There is also a lot of things we can do but a lot of people can not in other countries.
    People who are risking their lives and are risking their lives right now as we speak and we pray for them to stay safe and help us stay free. The flag is a huge way to show that we are a country and proud of it. Freedom is not Free will be with us for as long as we stay at war and it will still be the same. So when you see a veteran today please say thank you and don’t be shy. They will like that so much.