Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween at Hogwarts

                                Halloween at Hogwarts
                           BY: Kolby

    This party would be a blast! First I am going to talk about the activities that where at this Hogwarts party. I enjoyed the food fight that I started in the ballroom. I slammed a cream pie in a kid’s face. This was such a blast! Later he did the same thing back at me and he thought it was the funniest thing he has seen. There was also a bean bag toss later in the day.  I was the best at it, not to brag, but I was and never got beat.
    Next, There was a ton of food on this long table in the lunchroom. Enough to feed the whole United States!  When you sat down the food would just plopped onto your plate and your cup would be filled with some mysterious drink that tasted kind of odd, but I liked it. The flaming hot wings made my mouth burn like fire but it was worth it and the tangy bbq steak was the best in the world! The candy corn was as sweet as pure sugar.
    Finally, the atmosphere was full of crazy people dancing and kids screaming. I thought that I saw a snake in the room so I jumped up on the table because I am deathly afraid of snakes.  It turned out to be this weird kid making a hissing sound. Then all the kids started to laugh at me. As I looked up and there were bats flying in the room. I was wondering how they got in. It turned out to be part of a game. It was a challenge to see who could catch the most with your bare hands. I thought that was the best night of my life, a halloween party at Hogwarts.

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