Friday, October 31, 2014

Ghost story


                       Ghost At OHS

    There is a ghost and nobody knows the background story of how it died. It just wonders the halls of OHS, scaring the new kids coming to this school and scaring everyone else. This ghost is named Shadow because all you can see of it is it’s shadow.  Shadow is 1,224 years old man. He is short and has dirty brown hair with dust in it. His cloths are all old and ragged, ripped and torn. He has a long white dangling beard that hangs from his chin along with freckles on his face and arms. He wears army boots on his feet but they are so big on him that you can hear him coming down the hall.
    Shadow is very sneaky and naughty. He goes into different classrooms and knocks on the doors making the teacher mad when they don’t see anyone at the door. He goes over the speaker and says bad things about the school while the kids are in class. He also goes to the locker rooms and turns on the water in the showers and the sinks in the restrooms. Shadow steals kids homework and writes on the walls with his blood. He turns off and on the lights to scare everyone in the school. He also makes really scary noises that teachers don't like by screeching his fingers on the chalkboard that makes that high pitch sound.
    Finally, he is very mischievous and you never now what he is going to do next. Each day I’m very scared to go to school because he has done some pretty bad things to me. He has stolen my homework and put it somewhere where I don't now where to look. This makes me very mad. If you are ever at OHS and are wandering the halls and your see a shadow that isn’t yours beware that someone is watching you.