Friday, August 29, 2014


   Bedroom Writing 
  As you walk into my bedroom you will see my t.v., on your right, sitting on top of my entertainment center waiting until I hit the “power” button. It is a big t.v. however, I have not used as much as I thought I would. It is thirty two inches but it looks bigger than it really is because my room is small. Now if you keep on looking around you will see a baseball in a plastic case that sits in front of the t.v. This ball is special to me because I received it when my family and I went to Field of Dreams in Iowa. I  got to play with it on the baseball field. If you look at it very carefully you will see the dirt stains on the baseball. If you look right beyond my t.v. in my room,  you will see my Chicago Bears poster, it is very massive! I got it from my grandma and grandpa from Colorado it covers a lot of my wall. Its very cool and theses are some of my  favorite treasures.                                                                                                                                                                               

             As you turn to your left in my room you would see a lot more cool things just laying around making my room a mess. First, my baseball hats I have a lot of them just laying in my closet.  There are some that just sit out on my toy box that I wear just for fun. l like North Carolina Tar Heels so I have a couple hats that are from there team. I also have my baseball hat that I wore this year when we won the little league championship. Next, to my hats  is my tackle bag that I take fish. It just sits in a corner waiting to be used until next summer.  I can’t wait till summer to go fishing. This tackle bag is brand new. Last but not least my bed, it is also on the left side of my room. Thank goodness it is a loft bed so that I have more room under it.   It just says in one spot waiting till night time for me to crawl in bed and go to sleep. I am rich beyond measure.


  1. Kolby I liked your post a lot. I enjoyed fishing with you to. Chicago Bears still stink, LOL

  2. Be quiet brett!lol!:) Chicago Bears Rock! they'd rock even more if they wouldn't have given up Devin Hester! They are not my favorite team though.