Friday, December 12, 2014

List Poem

Cool Aid
Western Meadowlark
Good Life
Small Country Towns

Concrete Poem

persona poem

I wake up when my alarm goes off
I get tired very quickly so I have to sit down and rest
I don't like it when people are all was pounding on me
And when they toss me around

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nebraska Poem


The howl of the calls
The creeps of the different birds in the morning
The grunt of a monster buck
The sight of my rifle in my had
Ready to shoot
While watching the beautiful sunrise
On a cool brisk morning
While sitting in my stand

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Found Poem

An elephant in a room
Cannot change the cards we are dealt
In a lovely house in Virginia
Remembering the bricked walls
With teamwork and sportsman's ship
You will find the promise land
Decide if you are a Tigger or an Eayore
Never give up
Don't complain just work harder

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rhyming Poem


As the morning sun starts to rise,
I wake, for today I will get my prize
My fishing pole, in my hand
I will set a cast off of the edge of the land.
As I stare across the water
I wounder if I have to wait much longer
I know the bait is the best
As I try to get a fish from its rest
There is a huge tug and then a pull
As I can tell my stomach will be real full

Extended Metaphor

                                                  Life is a Friendship

It is rough and you never now what is going to happen
You have your ups and downs
It can be exciting and sweep you from your feet under you
Colorful and you have an bright future
Exciting because you never now what is coming your way

Five Sences

It is the warm feeling of a warm open hart and the beating sun shining down on us.
It smells warm and fresh like freshly cut grass and fresh spring water
Looks bright and warm
There are sounds of birds chirping in the brisk summer morning

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Name Poem

It means number 2.
It is like bright and colorful.
It is all of the activity we do.
It is the memory of Gregory Putnam.
Who taught me honesty and hard work.
When he works on the farm.
My name is Kolby.
It means to stay strong in the hardest times of life.

Acrostic Poem

One the beach
Under the open ski
Time with family
Diving into river
On- going trails
Oars and canoes
Riding bikes
Sunny hot days

Monday, November 24, 2014

Blindsight Motivator

English 7
Period 2
    Teamwork is important to me because I am on a lot of teams in the summer and during the school year. Teamwork was in the movie Blindsight when the kids that where blind and they where hiking up to the peak of the mountain blinded. The kids had to cheer each anther on so they can make it up. In my life team work is important to me because I am on a lot of different teams with different people on a lot of my teams that I play for. It is important to cheer on your anther team mates to make them feel better about there self and work harder on what they need help on. That is how teamwork is involved in my life and was in the movie Blindsight.

Friday, November 14, 2014

American Freedom


                      American Freedom

    Every day you stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance because you are free and showing respect to those who have served and who are serving. We thank those people for keeping us free and have the rights that we do and keeping us safe. Freedom is important because of the people who are serving for our country and risking there lives, the flag, and the phrase “freedom is not free”
    There men and women serving for our country, and some will be killed because they are brave while fighting for our freedom. There are soldiers across seas risking their lives and the people that already have served in the major wars a long time ago. The people now that we are praying for to stay safe over fighting ISIS and those who are going to die truing to  keep people safe. The people over in Afghanistan and Iraq risk their lives too and we pray for the men and women to stay safe.
    The flag is a huge way of saying we are free and you need to show respect to it, this  shows that we are Americans. The 50 stars that are on flag represents the 50 states that we have in the United Staes of America. That is why we say the pledge and sing the Star Spangle Banner and we put our hand over our hearts to say thanks to many of the people who had to risk there lives and those who are now risking their lives. We want to say thanks to those serving.
    “Freedom is not Free” that is one of the quotes that we say today even though we are free. There are still people over in Afghanistan and Iraq and even people fighting ISIS and that is why we say “Freedom is not Free” which is why we still also have rules and laws. In Washington DC there is a big monument that says it on one side of the wall. There is also a lot of things we can do but a lot of people can not in other countries.
    People who are risking their lives and are risking their lives right now as we speak and we pray for them to stay safe and help us stay free. The flag is a huge way to show that we are a country and proud of it. Freedom is not Free will be with us for as long as we stay at war and it will still be the same. So when you see a veteran today please say thank you and don’t be shy. They will like that so much.

Friday, October 31, 2014


Werewolves run quickly
Werewolves run quickly, stoutly
Werewolves quickly, stoutly, and Abdullah like
Quickly, stoutly, Abdullah like, and like a ninja

Ghost story


                       Ghost At OHS

    There is a ghost and nobody knows the background story of how it died. It just wonders the halls of OHS, scaring the new kids coming to this school and scaring everyone else. This ghost is named Shadow because all you can see of it is it’s shadow.  Shadow is 1,224 years old man. He is short and has dirty brown hair with dust in it. His cloths are all old and ragged, ripped and torn. He has a long white dangling beard that hangs from his chin along with freckles on his face and arms. He wears army boots on his feet but they are so big on him that you can hear him coming down the hall.
    Shadow is very sneaky and naughty. He goes into different classrooms and knocks on the doors making the teacher mad when they don’t see anyone at the door. He goes over the speaker and says bad things about the school while the kids are in class. He also goes to the locker rooms and turns on the water in the showers and the sinks in the restrooms. Shadow steals kids homework and writes on the walls with his blood. He turns off and on the lights to scare everyone in the school. He also makes really scary noises that teachers don't like by screeching his fingers on the chalkboard that makes that high pitch sound.
    Finally, he is very mischievous and you never now what he is going to do next. Each day I’m very scared to go to school because he has done some pretty bad things to me. He has stolen my homework and put it somewhere where I don't now where to look. This makes me very mad. If you are ever at OHS and are wandering the halls and your see a shadow that isn’t yours beware that someone is watching you.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween at Hogwarts

                                Halloween at Hogwarts
                           BY: Kolby

    This party would be a blast! First I am going to talk about the activities that where at this Hogwarts party. I enjoyed the food fight that I started in the ballroom. I slammed a cream pie in a kid’s face. This was such a blast! Later he did the same thing back at me and he thought it was the funniest thing he has seen. There was also a bean bag toss later in the day.  I was the best at it, not to brag, but I was and never got beat.
    Next, There was a ton of food on this long table in the lunchroom. Enough to feed the whole United States!  When you sat down the food would just plopped onto your plate and your cup would be filled with some mysterious drink that tasted kind of odd, but I liked it. The flaming hot wings made my mouth burn like fire but it was worth it and the tangy bbq steak was the best in the world! The candy corn was as sweet as pure sugar.
    Finally, the atmosphere was full of crazy people dancing and kids screaming. I thought that I saw a snake in the room so I jumped up on the table because I am deathly afraid of snakes.  It turned out to be this weird kid making a hissing sound. Then all the kids started to laugh at me. As I looked up and there were bats flying in the room. I was wondering how they got in. It turned out to be part of a game. It was a challenge to see who could catch the most with your bare hands. I thought that was the best night of my life, a halloween party at Hogwarts.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nursery Rhymes

"Little Miss Muffet..."
  by Mother Goose
 rewrote by Kolby

Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a hard and rocky tuffet,
Eating her yummy curds and whey very neatly with her manners
There came a big and huge and grows looking spider,
And sat crouched beside her,
And frightened Miss Muffet run far away and never went back

Monday, September 29, 2014

I am personal brad video

I learned a lot more than I new about me and know now how to work imovie how to post this video on blogger

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot Day

Today is Dot Day and it means to me that taking new things is good and never to be afraid. Don't be scared to do new things just because you are not good at that thing,  and if you do the thinks that your  are not good at and you can get better at that thing and some day you will be good at that one thing you are not good at.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Unforgettable School Day

    It was a bright morning and it was the first day of school. It was crazy, the roads where full of cars and people taking their kids to school. I remember having no friends, It was a new school with a lot of people and big kids too. For me it was the first day of kindergarten and my teacher was Mrs. Richardson but I didn't know her very well.
    When I woke up I new it was the first day of school and didn't want to wake up, I didn't want to go to school. I was very nervous and didn't know what to do. There were a lot of big kids around and I was just a little kid. I had a very nice teacher but I still didn't now her very well and I didn't want a mean teacher but she was one of the best teachers. I didn't want to go to school but my brother took care of me and told me where to go.
    Next I walk into the doors of the school and I saw no one I knew so that made me scared and my tummy drop. I felt this way until I walked into my classroom and saw one of my friends that I went to day care with. This made me feel a lot better that we where in the same class. I was glad that I had this friend and his name is Ephraim. He is still a great friend. We have been buds for a long time and we still are.
    I was still fearful of the big kids walking through the halls of the school and going places.  My room was in the 4th grade hallway abad I was only in kindergartener. My teacher said to me nicely that the 4th graders were not going to hurt me and if they do they will get into trouble. There were still things I didn’t know where it was like other rooms and there were so many hallways and rooms but there were teachers there to help. I met new friends and every thing was all excellent and there was nothing to be afraid of.   
    The lesson I learned is that there is nothing to be afraid of and it is always good to try new things. The next seven years of my life have been great because I know there is nothing to be afraid of. I have tried new things and have gotten better at trying new things. 

Friday, August 29, 2014


   Bedroom Writing 
  As you walk into my bedroom you will see my t.v., on your right, sitting on top of my entertainment center waiting until I hit the “power” button. It is a big t.v. however, I have not used as much as I thought I would. It is thirty two inches but it looks bigger than it really is because my room is small. Now if you keep on looking around you will see a baseball in a plastic case that sits in front of the t.v. This ball is special to me because I received it when my family and I went to Field of Dreams in Iowa. I  got to play with it on the baseball field. If you look at it very carefully you will see the dirt stains on the baseball. If you look right beyond my t.v. in my room,  you will see my Chicago Bears poster, it is very massive! I got it from my grandma and grandpa from Colorado it covers a lot of my wall. Its very cool and theses are some of my  favorite treasures.                                                                                                                                                                               

             As you turn to your left in my room you would see a lot more cool things just laying around making my room a mess. First, my baseball hats I have a lot of them just laying in my closet.  There are some that just sit out on my toy box that I wear just for fun. l like North Carolina Tar Heels so I have a couple hats that are from there team. I also have my baseball hat that I wore this year when we won the little league championship. Next, to my hats  is my tackle bag that I take fish. It just sits in a corner waiting to be used until next summer.  I can’t wait till summer to go fishing. This tackle bag is brand new. Last but not least my bed, it is also on the left side of my room. Thank goodness it is a loft bed so that I have more room under it.   It just says in one spot waiting till night time for me to crawl in bed and go to sleep. I am rich beyond measure.

Friday, August 22, 2014

6 word story

                                                         Once upon a time I fished